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Welcome in our first english mission :)

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02 mai 2019
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1 juillet 2019

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Thanks to all herbonautes, this mission is now closed!

2 mai 2019

Vanuatu is here!

Welcome in this mission!

5 avril 2019

Vanuatu is coming!

Please do not contribute until the mission open officialy. We still need to test a few things :)

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Objectif : 1766 / 1765 specimens

More about Vanuatu!

We now have recovered the specimens whose are really coming from Vanuatu, thanks to you for your participation in the first mission! So what is happening now? The Vanuatu specimens will be share between an english and a french mission. The french one will open later, we are now very happy to open our very first english mission! To make it easier for the english speakers coming for help we translate a vast majority of questions, tips and quizzes. So if you already are a confirmed herbonaute you will need to answer the quizzes in english to be able to contribute to this mission.
Be careful there is a new question ! You will find in the text below its presentation.

Vanuatu, an archipelago in the Eastern Islands Melanesian Biodiversity Hotspot, remains virtually unknown to botanists. Though collectors have recorded plant specimens there since the Second Voyage of Captain Cook (1772-1775), we do not know the flora of Vanuatu. Join us to help discover these plants and learn more about the South Sea Islands.

Where’s Vanuatu?

Vanuatu makes the claim to be the country you thought you did not know. It is the home of Bungee jumping! An adventurer traveling through the area in the 20th-century witnessed the agricultural ritual in Central Vanuatu, and later transformed it for the modern thrill-seeking crowd. It is the purported origin of Kava (Piper methysticum), where, in the Pacific, it is known as the peace plant for its use in settling disagreements and promoting community. Moreover, from pop culture, it is the inspiration for the book and Broadway musical, Tales of the South Pacific, as well as the setting of Academy Award-nominated film, Tanna.

What about the plants?

Botanists, on the other hand, know Vanuatu as the place that we know we do not know. The archipelago is in the middle of a triangle marked by areas, which scientists know more about the natural history. The Solomon Islands lie to the north, New Caledonia to the southwest and Fiji to the east. All of these areas have received botanical treatments that allow amateurs and botanists alike to know which plants exist throughout the archipelago. Though a simple list of plants exists for these other regions, botanists in Vanuatu have no such luxury.

How will this help?

In order to set a scientifically based conservation agenda, we need an accurate idea of what plants grow in Vanuatu and where. Similarly, to tell stories of the natural history of the Vanuatu flora, we require an accurate understanding of the distribution of Vanuatu plants compared to neighboring archipelagoes. The goal of this project is to produce a baseline of plants that exist in Vanuatu. We will use this document, known as an inventory, to conduct all other plant research in the archipelago. Transcribing all of the specimens at Paris is a significant step towards this goal. P contains more specimens outside of Vanuatu than any other herbarium!

New question, new tips!

Anthropological Information:

Indicate is there is anthropological notes about the collection on the label like plant names in another language than latin and plant uses.
If there is information check "Yes", if not check "No"
Plant name
If there is a plant name (not in latin!), and or a name of a language, check “Plant name”.
Plant use
If there is information concerning the use of a plant, check “Plant use”.


This mission is one of the winners of the call of proposals. It is proposed by R. Sean Thackurdeen from New-York Botanical Garden.

Illustrations :
- Vignette : Par Michael Coghlan, licence CC BY-SA 2.0 via FlickR
- Panorama : Par Michael Coghlan, licence CC BY-SA 2.0 via FlickR
- Dans le texte : Panorama par Andrew Lynch, licence CC BY 2.0, via Flickr
- Piper methysticum Par Forest & Kim Starr, CC BY 3.0, Lien

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